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Music is a Gift


In God there is peace

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Open the Door                                                    Key E flat

Verse 1

Close your eyes, there is more to be heard than just these words

Kneel before God’s throne, Let him know He is your all and all

And Peace, You shall find, just open up the door and let Him in

Verse 2

When you find the way, He will give the key to you

Just lift your hands to God, and send Him all your praise and love

And the door will open to you and you’ll find clearer point of view


Now He’s your friend, and you’ll find Him always to end

Theres a place inside your soul, where Jesus sends His love and takes control

Chorus 1

Open up the door of your of your heart, Let Jesus be your guide

Become one with Him, and He will never leave your side

Chorus 2

So open up the door your of your heart,Let the Savior inside,

Give him all your praise and He will show you higher ways

Chorus 3

Just Open the door of your heart,Let Jesus take your cross

You must not bear alone, tell him all your deepest secrets my friend

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Here I am Lord (True Word Tabernacle)

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Here I am Lord

Key A                  


I stand upon a mountain looking as far as I can see, It seems the world is below me

I’ve taken time to run the race, I’ve caught the heavenly breeze, It’s taken me to the highest places I can see


Eternity is waiting, I feel the angels wings, I can hear my father calling me home

It’s were the eagles fly in the eastern sky, It’s here I’ve come to hear the call

(Stong) chorus

It’s time to take refuge in the arms of the Lord, it’s time I hear  Him calling my name

It’s time I lift my hands and seek a city where I praise my savior and call upon His name


Upon the sands, we walk the shore together seeking the fellowhship of love

We look to the sky and seen the cloud that formed the banner of His love

The child might see the wings the dove, or we find our Fathers love

We have seen His majesty, wrapped in the arms of love

It’s a kiss from my father in a world that I live as I walk upon the sands of time

(strong) chorus 2

I look toward the heavens but will I see His face smiling back at me, it’s His living grace

Here I am blessing, you Bless your son, bless your name


We are like the eagle, born to be free, just flying over the mountain the valleys and the seas

Eagles were made to fly so high for there home is the wide open sky

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A                     Eagle Song

Well we all know that we are like the Eagle, we can travel like the eagle afar

We see a light when others are just seeing darkness


We are eagles born to be free

Flying over the mountains, valleys and seas

The eagle was made to fly so high, for there home is the wide open sky


We’re following the eagle, the prophet of the word

Who to by revelation that we heard

Weak or strong we are strong in Faith, we are headed to heaven in this hour which is late


Jesus is the Eagle that pointed the way we are following his messenger that he sent to us today

The voice of the man we call William Brahnam who spoke to us to flee the worldly babylon


We are like eagles born to be free flying over the mountains the valleys and the seas

Within an eagle is the power rise, for they alone have the faith, faith in there wings to fly


We are free....We can see...

We are like eagles God made us to be just flying over the mountains, the valleys and the seas


In the midst of the storm, we head to the Son, but let don’t the enemy out run, we are on our knees in prayer, we fill the world over with love of God, you can feel it in the air

We are the eagle, the blood of Christ, we have His divine Life.

Eagle Song

Welcome!!  I write songs to share with other people. Christians play instruments like the guitar and piano to worship God and enjoy the simple pleasures of life like watching children learn to clap and sing. The music in this site is for everyone. Some people are hurting inside, others are waiting for something to come along and point them to a place where they can be inspired again. I hope this is the place!

The music is free. . but if this site inspires you, please ask God to encourage and strengthen me.  That is what I need the most, people can help one another the most with sincere prayers....God will give you the words.

Taking a break from work

I love it here!

God made a very diverse world. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to go to Lake Eirie. Did you know it's pretty shallow. You can walk out two or three hundred feet and still only be in waste deep water! I tried it last summer.

Who has inspired me? Ok, I'll be honest..

The person who inspired me to play the guitar was my dear mother and an uncle who gave me a guitar.

Somehow mom found a guy named John Huenenan, a math teacher, who drove to my house every week to give me a lesson for an hour. I had never seen anybody with the ability that he had, and it upset me that I couldn't do what he did on his guitar. To this day, I don't think I have mastered the guitar quite like John, but I am thankful that he devoted some of his time to me.

Later, I started going to church and I met a musician who taught me my first christian songs. That first song was "El-Shaddia" by Michael Card.

God became the LORD GOD because he made man and had someone to fellowship with and to worship him. If you think about how long it took for God to make a universe just to fellowship with his creation, it's mind boggling. Let's praise Him!