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It's all about the life of Christ living through us-that's overcoming power!

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Army of the Lord
We've come to hear the Word today
We've come to worship, we've come to pray
We are the Army of the Lord
We are the vessels chosen for the sword
So let us stand as the army of the King
We'll take this gospel to the world we see
We are victory Jesus spoke of
His special stones He has chosen with love
So let sing together of His victory
He has given us life a gift we all can be free
We are the vessels chosen for this day
Interceding for the lost the unjust the afraid
Let's not forget our first estate,
We are the blood of Christ in this hour which is late
We the victory Jesus spoke of
His Special stones He's chosen with love
Let us sing together of His victory
We are His saints and by His blood we free
We are the army of the Lord
We are the vessels chosen for the sword
Let us stand as the Army of King
We come to hear the word today, we've come to worship , we've come to pray

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Here I am Lord
I stand upon a mountain looking far as I can see
It seems that world is below me
I've taken time to run race, I've caught the heavenly breeze
It's taken me to highest places I can see
Chorus I
Eternity is waiting I can feel the angels wings
I can hear my Father calling me home
It's where the eagles fly in the eastern sky
It's here I come to hear the call
It's time to take refuge in the arms of the Lord
It's time to hear him calling my name
It's time to lifts my hands and seek a city 
Where I can praise my savior and call on His name
Upon the sands we walk the shore together
Seeking the fellowship of love
We look to the sky we see the clouds together
Forming the banner of His love
A child might see the wings of dove
or it might find it's fathers love
I have seen His majesty wrapped in the arms of love
It's a kiss from my father in this world that I live
As I walk upon the sands of time
I look toward the heavens but will I see His face
Smiling back at me it's His living grace
here I am Lord Lifting up your name
Bless you son, Bless your name
We are like eagles born to be free
Just flying over the mountians valleys and seas
The eagle was made to fly so high for there home is wide open sky

Psalm 61
Hear my cry Oh God, Hear my cry Oh God
Attend unto my prayer and from the ends of the earth
Will I cry unto thee
When my heart is overwhelmed won't you lead me
to the rock that is higher than I
For thou has been a shelter for me
and a strong tower from the enemy
Hear my cry oh God attend unto my pray

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God became the LORD GOD because he made man and had someone to fellowship with and to worship him. If you think about how long it took for God to make a universe just to fellowship with his creation, it's mind boggling. Let's praise Him!