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Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord                                   Tune A string to G  Play open 

                                                    finger 2nd and 5th strings sliding


I want to praise the Lord... I want Praise the lord and praise His holy name

and lift up holy hands unto the name of Jesus

He lives inside my life, and I feel His joy and I feel His love

I feel the strength and inspiration coming from above

I open my mouth and I can sing of the joy He’s placed inside of me

I don’t feel there’s any reason why I shouldn’t praise the Lord all the time

In the heart of man theres a place for heaven to be on the throne

You find He will always be your heart, In your mind,

Let your words holy all the time

Speak from your soul and see that Jesus Christ is inside you and me

Praise the Lord..... Praise the Lord, lift up holy hands

Sing into Holy name He’s the power the King of all things

He made it, He spoke it, He the living word, He living inside of you and me

It’s our destiny to be free,

Jesus is alive, Jesus is alive, He’s alive inside of me, so I feel free

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He gave His life away    D

I stand upon a mountain, looking far across the sea, I wondered where Jesus is I know he’s inside you and me

My mind goes back to a story that’s been told to a land across the ocean...As far away I can go.....

Do I hear the sounds of people crying to crucify the Lord

He picks up the cross knowing that He must endure the pain and the shame For with Him lied eternal life Within lied a bride that would come to Life The church the lord... would soon be born that day He gave His life away

Well before the tree, He saw you and me in the garden of Gasename

He endured the cross becuase he knew the world would be lost

Without His life, He was lifted, Can we count the lost, can we count the cost

Surely it would save the lost, He saved me, when gave His life away on Calvary

He gave His life away for you and me

On a hill a far, A man gave His life save you and me

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God became the LORD GOD because he made man and had someone to fellowship with and to worship him. If you think about how long it took for God to make a universe just to fellowship with his creation, it's mind boggling. Let's praise Him!