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He Gave His Life Away

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The Author and Finisher      

    E flat  Capo 1st fret D, G, Em

Well let your heart not be troubled let your mind be at ease

You have found the living water as you rest at Jesus feet

There is course to follow, there is a ground to prove

When there is a change in your life, let your heart remain unmoved

You are following the author the finisher of faith

He will lead, He will guide us as we learn to seek His face

God is troubling the water, that we might seek His grace

Oh His love is everlasting We need not be ashamed

To call upon the author, the finisher of the faith

He will lead, He will guide us as learn to seek His face

He has called His chosen people and he knows there every name

Do you know the name of Jesus, do you know amazing grace

There is life that flowed from Calvary and it’s still the same today

It will heal the broken hearted it will set the captive free

If we call upon the author, the finisher of the faith we will see His works among us

And we will see He’s still the same

There is no name like Jesus just no other name to call

There’s no other name that can save, may His dove rest on us all

As we call upon the author, we will call upon the name of the Lord

Thank you for visiting my site. I enjoy the acoustic guitar and piano. On this site you will be able to listen and I pray it blesses you. To protect authenticity, the music is protected by copyright, but if you would like to learn it and share it with others -to God be the glory! I pray the music here will inspire everyone that visits to read your bible and pray everyday.

Music just sets an atmosphere so we can start thinking outside of our own thoughts and dwell on Jesus Christ and his thoughts..what does God's word say about those that love him?

Let's find out



God became the LORD GOD because he made man and had someone to fellowship with and to worship him. If you think about how long it took for God to make a universe just to fellowship with his creation, it's mind boggling. Let's praise Him!